Framing with Love

At Hope & Feathers our goal is to ensure that your artwork, treasured photo, historical document, or item of sentimental significance is safely framed to ensure it will be enjoyed and protected for many years. When entrusted with your work we treat each individual piece with careful consideration both in design and in creating a vessel for your work to remain protected and secure.

A Good Deal

Package Pricing

In Black White & Grey

Choose a custom frame package from one of our beautiful basic frames.

All prices include acid-free foam backing and conservation-grade glass and your choice of black, white, or grey solid wood frames.

Up to 11X14 — $52

Up to 16X20 — $68

*add a mat for $12 or fabric for $24


Up to 18X24 — $80

Up to 22X28 — $98

*add a mat for $20 or fabric for $40


Up to 24X36 — $118

Up to 32X40 — $136

*add a mat for $30 or fabric for $60

In a Hurry?

We offer more than a dozen in stock frames for under $10/foot. Ready in 24 hours or less. 

Omakase Framing

omakase (ō-mä`kä-sā), a.

1. a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you” (from Japanese 任す, entrust)  2. (Japanese cuisine) Chef’s choice  3. a great way to save money at Hope & Feathers Framing

Is Omakase for you?

1. Do you want to save 25-30% off your next framing project?
2. Are you willing to put our design expertise to use?
3. Do you want to skip the decision making process and go straight to loving your newly framed piece?

If you answered yes to these questions then you will love our Omakase service! Bring in your next framing project and be ready to tell us: Approximately how much you would like to spend and if you would prefer wood, metal or a painted frame. We will choose moulding and mat board from our in stock options, customized for your project. It's that easy!

*please note: maximum dimensions for Omakase Framing are 16" x 20"


A few things we've framed:

Diplomas, Jerseys, Watercolors, Pastels, Antique Maps, Puzzles, Needlepoint, Rugs, Tiles, Tea Blocks, Lace Hankies, Doilies, Lithographs, Cibachromes, Kid Art, Buttons, Medals, Scout Badges, Acrylics, Oil Paintings, Encaustics, Dried Flowers, Molas, Postage Stamps, Concert Posters, Vintage Posters, Wedding Photos, Fine Art Photography, Limited Edition Prints, Signage, Mirrors, Corkboards, Chalk Boards, Your Collection, Dinosaur Fossils, Bottle Caps, Historic Documents, Autographs, Baseball Cards, Newspaper Articles, Magazines, Books, Awards, Certificates, Travel Photos, Baby Announcements, Keys, Mandalas, Samplers, Dog Collars, Beadouin Jewlery, Locks of Hair, Vintage Toys, House Numbers, Insects, Ketubahs, Eye Glasses, Concert Tickets, Turkish Clothing, Quilts, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah Announcements, Double Sided Paintings, Papyrus Paintings, Calendars, Paintings by Elephants, Persian Carpets, Theater Programs, and much more.

Yes we do frame mirrors. We can special order any size mirror in plate, shock or bevel. We can also help you select the right frame. We are great at helping you determine overall dimensions AND we lend out our corner samples so that you can match that brushed nickel faucet in your newly renovated bathroom.

Yes, we can stretch paintings on canvas as well as fabric pieces that are too large for pin stretching or lacing. We can “gallery wrap” work so that it can be hung without a frame.

In short , yes. The majority of work and art that we frame have conservation grade materials, including archival mats, backer and glass. We are knowledgeable and educated on the current technology and availability of products. For more in depth information about conservation grade materials please give us a call, stop by or check out this website for useful information:

Of course! Please call with accurate measurements or stop by and we can almost always cut a piece while you wait.

We stock 4 types of glass. Standard clear glass, conservation grade clear glass, non-glare glass, non-glare conservation grade glass and museum glass. We also stock standard acrylic and conservation grade acrylic. Most other types of glass can be special ordered upon request. For more information about glass and acrylic please call or stop by.

Yes, we are happy to custom cut a mat for you. Please call with accurate measurements of both your frame size and image opening of your mat. Or come by anytime and we can help you.

Yes, we specialize in oversize framing. Our large back room allows us to tackle oversize work and we are experienced working on both structural limitations and aesthetics. We also offer pick-up and delivery services in our cargo can.

Yes, we love helping to design shadowboxes. We recommend bringing as many items as possible and we can then help you select the best lay out. We have many clever ways of attaching objects without using adhesive.

Yes, we are. When framing pastels, it is important to build up the mat(s) slightly to push the glazing (glass) away from the artwork and to create a channel for loose pastel to fall. We also highly recommend that pastels be framed with conservation grade glazing, due to their sensitivity to u.v. light.

Yes, we love faming cross stitch, needlepoints and all forms of fabric art. We are knowledgeable in handling this type of work. Most often we pin stretch or lace work onto archival materials and recommend matting and glazing. Stop in and we can discuss all the possibilities.

Yes, we can repair some frames. Often we are able to cut down and re join frames that have failed mitre joints.

Yes, we have a great selection of hardwood frames including cherry wood, walnut and maple in a variety of finishes.

No we do not clean paintings but we work closely with a local conservator. You may bring your painting in or contact Betsy Johnson directly.

Yes we do offer volume discounts. Please call or stop in to discuss options.