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June 2017: Encapsulated Greenback

June 2017: Encapsulated Greenback


When we're challenged with two-sided frame projects, often the safest and most archival approach is encapsulation in mylar, so the piece "floats" instead of using an adhesive or stitching that could affect the value. This also ensures that the entire piece can be viewed from both sides. For this old banknote, we used a double linen mat and museum glass, finished off with an antiqued frame.

This twenty-dollar banknote was issued in 1908 by the The Union National Bank of Muncie. Interesting trivia: The first "greenbacks" were produced on 1861 to finance the Civil War; and all US currency issued since 1861 is still valid and redeemable at face value. We think this particular note is priceless.

May 2017: Two frames are better than one!

April 2017: Two frames are better than one!


Sometimes a painting needs more than just a single tone or style. We combined these two lovely frames to compliment this fantastic painting brought in by a wonderful longtime customer.

The frames perfectly suit this English landscape, "The Pulk, Norfolk," by British Post-Impressionist painter Edward Seago (1910-1974). Seago was a favorite of the royal family, who were avid collectors of his work. His work is still highly-valued today in the UK. Another interesting aspect of this piece is the old label on the back from Colnaghi in London, which is the oldest commercial art gallery in the world.

April 2017: Snapshots of a Journey to America

April 2017: Snapshots of a Journey to America


This month we turned a small flip book of of silver gelatin photos of a courageous woman's journey to America in the 1950s into a beautiful display for her daughter's wall.  

After carefully dismantling the booklet, we laid out the photos of the traveler's journey from Denmark, to England, aboard the RMS Queen Elizabeth, across the Atlantic Ocean, to New York City. Using our favorite piece of equipment, our computerized mat cutter, we cut sixteen precise openings and carefully installed each snapshot. We kept the holes in the photos visible as a reminder of the original booklet format. For a classic vintage look, we finished it off with a beaded silver frame. 

March 2017: Omakase Raccoon Band

March 2017: Omakase Raccoon Band


For his Miniature Menagerie show in our gallery, artist David Hyde Costello trusted us to choose the framing for over thirty pieces! Each small watercolor was framed using our Omakase service. 

Omakase translates roughly to "I'll leave it to you" in Japanese. We offer this service to customers with projects small enough to benefit from our creative expertise and the fantastic array of scrap materials we have here in the shop. This piece is framed with all scrap materials -- not a single item was specifically ordered for this, and it looks fantastic! 

Learn more about our Omakase offerings and come check out David's show all this month!

February 2017: Tiny Avocado Pit Paintings

February 2017: Tiny Avocado Pit Paintings


We see some fantastically creative art in our shop! We can now add tiny avocado pit paintings to the list of unusual items we have framed. 

We mounted these sweet miniatures onto an avocado green background with a raised textured double mat, and installed into a rustic two-tone frame. To get a closer look on all that awesome detail, we attached a magnifying glass to the side of the frame. A truly one-of-a-kind project!   

January 2017: Sentimental Snake!

January 2017: Sentimental Snake!


This month we were busy framing holiday gifts. One extra-long and special gift was a fun challenge! 

Measuring in at just over 7 feet, this 20-year-old python skin took three framers and many hours of stitching to frame up. We laid it on a dark brown cotton fabric, stitched it in down with over 100 stitches and put it in a burly frame to complement the snake's awesome patterns.  So tall and so fun to frame!