We had a little friendly competition in the shop! Our ace framers, Michelle, Lisa, Melissa, and Dan, each did a creative framing project. Customers voted online and in the shop, and Dan's piece was the winner!

Melissa - A Greek Family Tree

A Greek Family Tree by Melissa

Restored Family Photos on a Custom Rustic Panel

Melissa began her project by restoring several photographs representing her and her husband’s Greek lineages. These old torn photos were found in boxes stored in attics and closets. The inspiration for the design came from an image of her grandmother, dressed in traditional Greek folk garb, standing beside a tree in her village of Pentalofos in Greece, about to embark on a journey to America with her new husband.

Melissa built ornate and intimate tiny frames for each photo. She stained a rustic wood panel a natural warm grey to compliment the photos, and hand-painted a tree in the center. A photo of her and husband Nik on their wedding day was placed in the center, with their parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts. and uncles surrounding them. Memories of where they’ve come from are preserved here forever.


Lisa - Dad's Coin Collection

Dad’s Coin Collection by Lisa

Silver Coins Suspended in a Shadow Box

When Lisa was young, her father kept a rusted coffee can full of old silver coins on his dresser. She and her siblings regularly dumped the coins out to marvel at their look and feel. After her father passed, the coins were divided between them, and she found her father’s “lucky” $2 bill tucked in his wallet. For years these items remained in a drawer.

For this project, she decided to display these beloved mementos by suspending the coins under multiple layers of museum plexiglass, giving them a magical 3-dimensional look, and floating the $2 bill in the background. She wants to give the viewer the same sense of curiosity and excitement she felt when she looked at them as a child.

Michelle - Isn't it Romantic!

Isn’t it Romantic! by Michelle

Antiqued Mirror and Wedding Invitation with Vows

This is the most romantic framing of a wedding invitation we have ever done! An invitation can be a piece of history… and treated like a family heirloom or piece of furniture. Many people like to give a framed wedding invitation as a wedding gift.

In this framing presentation, the couple is able to open a hinged door to access their vows.  A suggestion to do so on their anniversary can be included on the back of the frame or in a card.  The bottom half is an antique mirror, elevating the invitation to a functional piece of furniture.

Dan - A Sense of Place

A Sense of Place by Dan

Diorama with Etching and Miniatures

Artist and framer Dan has been searching for a sense of place, a location to call home, for most of his life. This is evident in his etchings – temporary and fleeting environments that evoke a relatable nostalgia. The compositions are empty of people but obviously lived in; they urge us to place ourselves into the elaborately imagined scenes and find a welcoming home.

For this project, Dan brought one of his scenes to life within a shadow box frame. The main etching is centered at the back of the box. A few symbolic elements often found in his etchings were built in miniature, and tiny LEDs and small-scale motors bring the 3D scene to life with light and motion. He used a frame with a rustic/industrial look, and built a custom wood box to contain the finished diorama.