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December 2014: Eagle Feather

December 2014: Eagle Feather


It's "Feathers Forever" here at Hope & Feathers!

This large feather is from a majestic eagle. It was brought back from South Africa. It was fun to choose a subtle olive wood shadowbox that complements the feather without over powering it. We carefully stitched it down to a snowy parchment mat board and added museum glass for optimum viewing.


November 2014: The Snake and the Buffalo

November 2014: The Snake

November 2014: The Buffalo


Last month we had two very cool projects come through the door. 

After spending a year tucked away in a closet, this 28-inch rattlesnake skin finally got a proper presentation in this grey stained poplar frame.  A simple shadowbox approach showcases the detail in the skin.

This beautifully vibrant piece that looks like a paper cut is actually hand carved from buffalo leather. This is a traditional art in Thailand and was brought back from a recent trip.  Both the snake and buffalo skin were hand stitched to an archival board.  Simple framing allows for each piece to be the focal point of the presentation.

October 2014: A Tale of Two Frames

October 2014: A Tale of Two Frames October 2014: A Tale of Two Frames


This month we worked with two great customers who arrived with two very different styles of work. And although we tackled these projects a bit differently the frame we used was the same!

For this series of photos taken of water, the frame suggests a watery reflection. Like the waves slowly moving over the sand, the frame does a great job of balancing the work while not competing with the images.

For this retro sign that was delicately printed on extremely thin paper, a clean white mat with a subtle green bevel was chosen. The silver frame in this case plays off the mid century design and hints at something more modern feeling.

This frame, from one of our favorite suppliers Bella Moulding, was inspired by a region of Mexico called Oaxaca. New in 2014 and available in two finishes, the bright silver used on these two projects is intended to be reminiscent of Mexican sterling silver jewelry. Its hand hammered finish will compliment so many different types of work.  We are quite pleased to offer this new versatile frame.