In the Gallery, 2018:

November 30, 2017 - January 13: 7th Annual Small Works Show
January 29 - February 24: Give a Sh*t: Printmakers Creating Work with a Social Message
March 1 - 31: Spring in the City: Urban Landscapes by Mishael Coggeshall-Burr
April 5 - 28: Jason Antaya: What Will Happen?
May 3 - June 2: PVPA Student Works 2018
June 7 - 30: Daniel Chiaccio: Homesick for the Unknown
July 5 - 28: Cathe Janke: True Through
August 2 - September 1: Abba Cudney: A Spectrum of Memory
September 6 - 29: Natalie & Sue Kassirer: The Heart And The Harrows
October 4 - 27: Jon Crispin: American Demographics
November 1 - 29: If Water Could Speak: Amanda Barrow, Janine Norton, and Lynn Sisler
December 5 - January 12, 2019: 8th Annual Small Works Show

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Read about current and past shows in our archive below:

What Will Happen? Mixed Media Portraits by Jason Antaya

Mixed media collage portraits by Chicopee artist Jason Antaya. “What will happen?” is a common contemporary sentiment. This question can often feel constant, keeping us projected into possible futures, preventing us from enjoying the present, leading to anxiety and depression. … Read More

Spring in the City: Urban Landscapes by Mishael Coggeshall-Burr

In these urban landscapes from New York City, Paris, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Montague artist Mishael Coggeshall-Burr integrates the art of photography and oil painting to create novel and compelling images on canvas. Taking blurred shots with a 35mm camera, the … Read More

Give a Sh*t: Printmakers Creating Work with a Social Message

January 29th – February 24th Taking a stand, inspiring a conversation… showing that you give a shit. Printmakers creating work with a social message. Talented printmakers from western Massachusetts and beyond answered our call for politically-leaning art. With artist and … Read More

7th Annual Small Works Show

The 7th Annual Small Works Show is here! Featuring over 200 works by local artists — all 6×6″. From paintings to photographs, illustrations to assemblages and more, the show features works in wide variety of mediums. All cash-and-carry! Please join … Read More

It’s Pastel!

The work of three artist friends, Sally Dillon, Susanne Personette, and Ruth Rinard, who share a love of painting in soft pastels. The title was inspired by the answer they often find themselves giving to viewers of their work who … Read More

Shaking Loose: Rhys Davies and Ann Knickerbocker

New work by local artists Rhys Davies and Ann Knickerbocker. This show marks new and live experiments in approach and process for the two artists. The two artists will be painting live in the gallery a few hours each week, … Read More

His Twin Obsession: The Art of E.E. Cummings
| |

September 7th – 30th, 2017 “Why do you paint? For exactly the same reason I breathe.” A selection of sketches, drawings, and paintings by E.E. Cummings (1894-1962). It is not generally well-known that the poet E.E. Cummings was also a … Read More

Kim Carlino: Visions of a Fragmented Landscape, Part I

August 3 – September 2 New work by Easthampton artist Kim Carlino. Kim Carlino is an interventionist, mining the space between painting and drawing. She explores the evolutionary nature of mark making and relationships between color, geometry, line, form and … Read More

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