October 4th to 27th

This is the first time these hand-colored silver gelatin prints by acclaimed Pelham photographer Jon Crispin have been exhibited. The photographs date from the mid-1970s to the early-90s, and were published in the 1980-90s in the now-defunct American Demographics Magazine (a monthly magazine about marketing and consumer trends). Most of the images were shot in the US, some in Europe — rather than working on assignment, photographs from Jon’s extensive personal archive were selected to illustrate stories in the magazine. The 11″x14″ prints were meticulously hand-colored by artist Robby Aceto, making them one-of-a-kind works of art, and unique modern examples of the almost-disappeared craft of hand coloring.

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 4th, 5-8pm, during Amherst Arts Night Plus.
Gallery talk with Jon: Saturday, October 20th, 4:30-7pm.

A selection of pieces from the show can be purchased in our online shop.

About Jon Crispin:
Jon has been working as a photographer since 1974, dividing his time between freelance assignments and documentary projects. Freelance work includes national publications, higher education, and non-profits. His documentary projects include exhibitions and publications concerning social and rural topics in New York State: 19th-century state insane asylums, state prisons, rural living conditions, county fairground architecture, agriculture, and food and nutrition programs for the needy. In the past few years, he has photographed over 300 plywood panels that had lined the Fulton Street area overlooking Ground Zero at the site of the World Trade Center (and over 100 panels from Liberty Island). Jon is perhaps best known for the “Willard Suitcases” project – a poignant documentation of suitcases left behind by patients at the Willard Asylum in upstate NY. His photographs have been exhibited extensively in museums and galleries in the US and abroad. joncrispinposts.com

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