Old Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Services

Digital restoration and reproduction brings new life to old photographs. From scratch removal to colorization, we can take care of all your editing needs. No matter the condition, we can work with you to transform old, torn, discolored, and dirty photographs into clean archival prints. For a free estimate, contact our in-house printmaker and digital conservator: printing@hopeandfeathersframing.com

Tears, creases, old tape marks, no problem! We can scan, restore, and reprint your favorite photos.

Photo Restoration - before
Photo Restoration - after

Our printer and Photoshop ace Melissa retouched and restored this beloved 3x5" family snapshot. She touched up cracks and tears, and restored the color back to its former clarity. It was printed on luster paper at 5x7", and the customer was delighted with the outcome.

Siblings photo restoration - before
Siblings photo restoration - before

These sweet old photos were 2x2" sepia prints, cracked and crumbling. Details were restored, and damage repaired; the photos were reprinted in a larger size so all the details can now easily be seen, and the customer has stable new versions in print to cherish for another 100 years.

Scanning Services

We offer flatbed scanning up to 8.5x11" on our Epson Perfection V700, with available file resolution up to 6400dpi. We can also accommodate 35mm, medium, and large format film. All scans made at your desired resolution. If your original is larger than the 8.5x11" flatbed, digital stitching is available.

Film Scanning

Standard: $10
Great for web use and small print output. These scans are 4x6" at 300dpi

Hi-Res: $15
Perfect for editing and enlarging. These scans are 8x12" at 300dpi

Max: $20
Ideal for editing and medium to large format printing. These scans are 12x18" at 300dpi

We offer basic color correction and dust removal on all flatbed scans using our Epson Perfection V700. If your scan requires additional clean up or retouching, edits are available at the shop rate of $15/15 minutes.