Brian A.

My wife and I are photographers who recently moved to the area, and we stumbled upon Hope and Feathers by accident driving through Amherst.  We stopped in to check out what they had available, and three days later when our order of mats failed to arrive from an online retailer we called Michelle two hours before close asking for a custom run of 10 mats.  She was courteous, professional, and happy to help us.  When we picked up the mats we were seriously impressed – they were high quality, with solid foamboard backing and looked great.  In the corners there was no trace of where the windows had been cut.  Two days later when the mats arrived from the online retailer, we sent them back because the quality was so much lower than what we’d found at Hope and Feathers.  The pricing is great (better than what you’d get online for a comparable product), the service is outstanding, and it’s a great shop full of happy, skilled people.  They’ve got our business.