Abba Cudney: A Spectrum of Memory

Abba Cudney: A Spectrum of Memory

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August 2nd - September 1st

Paintings by Providence artist Abba Cudney.

Abba Cudney documents specific nostalgic moments in time within interior spaces. Not only the moments themselves, but also the essence. She decides what details are important, and what can be left abstract for the viewer to interpret. Certain objects are represented and have solidity, others are made with quick gestures and loose strokes to give a feeling of intangibility and impermanence. Remnants of underpainting and drawing are visible alongside the representational, as if past and present are meeting.

Abba says, "I want people to experience their own narratives when viewing my paintings. What the objects and spaces mean to me personally can convey an entirely different story or memory for someone else."

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 2nd, 5-8pm, during Amherst Arts Night Plus.

About Abba Cudney:
Abba was born and raised outside of Chicago. She moved to New Hampshire in 2011 and earned her BFA in Painting and Printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She currently resides in Providence, RI, and works and teaches printmaking at the Providence Art Club. She has exhibited in Chicago and Italy, and throughout New England.

In the front window: Local Landscapes!

We live in such a beautiful area! For the month of August, we're displaying some gorgeous local landscapes from four talented local photographers: Greg Brown, Sara Lyons, Tom Pitta, and Randi Shenkman. We printed them up large, and added some rustic style frames. All pieces are for sale. Come by and see these big beauties in person!

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Greg Brown Sara Lyons Tom Pitta Randi Shenkman