March 5-29, 2014

Artist William Rathbun’s paintings will be on display beginning Wednesday March 5th. Rathbun has been creating work for over 40 years and has shown his work exclusively in museums in galleries in Massachusetts, most notably the deCordova Museum. Rathbun is continuously experimenting with a variety of styles and mediums that include paintings, sculpture, and neon.

Recently, a visit by the Hope & Feathers staff to Bill’s studio resulted in the resurfacing of a series of watercolors. Captivated by the vibrant and playful nature of these works we set about planning a show. Rathbun’s exploration of neon sculpture is an obvious influence on the creation of this series of paintings. To experience these watercolors is to witness an evolution of “electric” from sculpture to paint and paper.

Image: Our First Snow, Watercolor on paper