July 3rd – 27th

Etchings, woodcuts, watercolors, and an installation centered around themes of memory and temporary spaces by Easthampton artist Daniel Chiaccio, July 3rd to 27th

Daniel holds onto his memories through his artwork. Difficult times in his life often meant constructing new memories with themes of shelter and comfort and freedom, finding solace in temporary spaces. As a child, exploration and building things was his means of escapism — building forts in the woods for physical escape, and drawing imaginary places and worlds for mental escape. These early coping mechanisms continued into adulthood to grow into well-honed skills in woodworking and illustration, and a rich imagination. His artwork contains scenes ranging from fantastical cityscapes verging on science fiction to bucolic country cabins to snug cozy interiors. All a bit surreal, all empty of people – these spaces are for Daniel, or the viewer, to inhabit alone to find comfort and wonder.

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11th, 5-8 pm, during Amherst Arts Night Plus

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About Daniel Chiaccio:
Daniel is an artist and printmaker and maker of things. Originally trained as an illustrator, he discovered printmaking by chance and now spends much of his creative time in the print studio. He has a deep love for building and tinkering and making things – the process and working with his hands is just as satisfying as the end results of his work. When he’s not making art, Daniel works as a framer and printmaking studio monitor. He has a BFA in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art, and currently resides in Easthampton with his cat, Quimby.

Banner image: detail from Standpoint, etching with aquatint