As a practicing artist for the last 50 years, I have I have covered a lot of different mediums.  Oils, printmaking, stained glass, sumi-e, suminagashi, paper marbling, and paper-making.  For the last 20 years, I have worked mostly in watercolor.  My newest work is watercolor portraits.  It is my intention to create a portrait, not for the sake of representing a likeness, but to intrigue and interest the viewer to want to know more about the person.  What are they doing?  What are they thinking? It is my hope that the viewer will be inspired to create a story in their mind to go with the portrait; that it will resonate with their own life experience in some way.


The exhibition opens July 6th, and can be viewed Monday – Friday 10-6 pm, Thursday 10-8 pm and Saturday 10-4 pm until July 31st
Masks are optional in the gallery