June 2nd – July 2nd


Artists Statement:

During the pandemic years, I longed to find places of peace and serenity.  To escape from the solitude, constant anxiety, and sadness that was omnipresent.  With lockdowns in place, I turned to nature and found soul-saving beauty in places that were empty of humans but filled with life and nutrients.  The Marshes, Swamps, Fens, and Bogs of Massachusetts provided me with calm beauty, and peace.  

A Walk in the Reeds is the body of work that culminated from time spent in the beautiful wetlands where I sketched, photographed, and found inspiration.  Exploring textures, colors, and organic compositions, I used soft pastels on paper because of the tactile feel and energetic mark-making.  Exploring washes, textured grounds, and a color palette that was new to me, I endeavored to capture the beauty of common places in an uncommon way.

Feelings of hope, serenity, clarity, and inspiration are what I want the viewer to take with them from this body of work.  Seeing color that is barely there yet vivid and bright, and to have a new perspective and appreciation for these quiet places that are so important in our Massachusetts eco-system. 

About the Artist:

Donna Roy is a Western Massachusetts artist who began her love of painting while studying privately with a local oil painter when she was ten years old. During weekly studio sessions, she learned traditional foundations of composition, perspective, color theory, and design.  This foundation cemented her love for painting and her creative journey.

A graduate of UMASS with a BFA, Donna continued her exploration of art through several mediums, including glass fusing and enamel painting.  During the last ten years, she developed a line of post-consumer glass and copper garden sculptures.

Learning to thrive in a pandemic, Donna pushed her passion for color full circle and found her home with soft pastels.  Addicted to vibrant color and energetic marks, her paintings center on New England landscapes and local natural beauty.  Her award-winning paintings have been exhibited in local, national, and international juried shows.

These days, you will find Donna visiting local farms, rivers, and trails with her trusty camera in search of inspiration, painting Plein Air, or in her small home studio creating pastel paintings inspired by beautiful New England character.


PLEASE NOTE: walk-ins are welcome for the gallery. Masks are appreciated indoors.