March 5-28, 2015

Field Notes 5 is a collaborative exhibition of drawings, paintings, collages, and sculptures created by architects Sigrid Miller Pollin and Stephen Schreiber, and landscape architect Jane Thurber. This is the fifth iteration of Field Notes, a collaborative exhibit featuring these three artists.

In this exhibit, the artists explore complex relationships between multiple patterns, colors and imagery in very different ways. While the works share themes, each artist employs a different medium and level of abstraction. Despite this range, the works consistently evoke a visceral sense of order and calm.

There are parallels to the processes of designing buildings and landscapes. The works do not offer a single point of view but allow multiple explorations in different scales. There is a clarity in the way each artist stays focused on his or her own explorations while still maintaining a subtle thematic unity that threads together the works of Field Notes 5.

This collaborative art exhibit will be up in the gallery from March 5 to March 28 with a reception during the Amherst Art Walk on Thursday, March 5 (5-8pm) and Artist Reception Saturday, March 7 (4-7pm).