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December 2015: Little Mermaid

December 2015: Little Mermaid


This "little mermaid" painting might be the smallest frame we have built to date. 

The painting is nestled on a scrap of white linen mat board in a shimmery gold frame. You won't find this in our small works show, although it would fit right in. This sweet little painting was given as a gift.


November 2015: Crazy Times with a Crazy Quilt

November 2015: Crazy Times with a Crazy Quilt


This month we had a great time framing up a beautiful crazy quilt.

Crazy quilts were very popular beginning in 1876 thru 1910. This quilt is in outstanding condition and has beautiful intricate stitches throughout. We attached it to a grey linen mat and included an inside gold liner to hold the acrylic away from the quilt.

Another family heirloom preserved and displayed for many generations to come.

August 2015: Perfectly Placed Pattern Creates Portrait

August 2015: Perfectly Placed Pattern Creates Portrait


This portrait was created by a longtime customer.

She collages highly detailed portraits of friends and family, never by commission only by inspiration. We were inspired by her work and selected a brand new frame design and paired it with a gold fillet. The rustic frame with the clean modern gold fillet accents the tones and texture of this work.

July 2015: A piece of Emily's kitchen

July 2015: A piece of Emily's kitchen


This month, we had the pleasure of creating a few truly unique gifts.

Wood boards from Emily Dickinson's kitchen were the starting point for these shadowboxes. After trimming the boards down and attaching them to a sueded mat board, a single poem printed on vellum was attached with black tacks.

The result is a little piece of a place in time with Emily's inspired words as a centerpiece. Thanks to the museum for bringing this great project in to H&F.

June 2015: Baron of the Cross

June 2015: Baron of the Cross


This month we had a little fun with a beaded trickster named Baron la Croix, "baron of the cross". Baron la Croix is one the gods of the dead in Haitian Voodou. He symbolizes the crossroads where the human realm and the world of the gods intersect.

Our good friend Robin brought this incredible beaded piece in during our Saturday Tag Sale. It was too big for most of our tag sale frames, but she agreed to let us use our Omakase skills. We found a perfect frame scrapped from another order. How handsome Baron la Croix looks in his new shadowbox frame!

May 2015: Three Sisters: Fancy fillets and floated mats

May 2015: Three Sisters: Fancy fillets and floated mats


Check out these sweet little charcoal portraits we framed this month.

Collectively, these three sisters look lovely floated on a charcoal mat (with tiny delicate wheat paste hinges of course). We added a fillet and a silkscreen textured mat and finished the piece off with one of our favorite Larson Juhl frames from their marais collection. Ohh la la.

April 2015: Vintage Billboard Poster

April 2015: Vintage Billboard Poster


This vintage poster, measuring in at 78" x 54" was great fun to re-frame for our new friends Gretchen and Ann. 

Its former frame (shown in the "before" picture) had not held together and it was time for something sturdy and lovely.  Now it's hanging in the perfect place in their new home.  We love a challenge and this big project was just that.

March 2015: A trip of a lifetime


March 2015: A trip of a lifetime


A trip of a lifetime for one of our favorite customers resulted in this fantastic photo of an antelope in the wild. 

We had a great time choosing a subtle textured mat and a soft beveled grey and black frame. We feel lucky to help in the enhancement and preservation of such a special memory!

February 2015: Leaves of Love

 February 2015: Leaves of Love
Two Sweethearts out on an evening stroll discovered this romantic shaped leaf. One kept it, secretly bringing it to us for a special treatment of matting and frame.

A framed reminder of luck and love and thoughtfulness on their walls.

Happy Valentines Day!

January 2015: Bedouin Jewelry

 January 2015: Bedouin Jewelry
What a great way to close out 2014.

These eight pieces of silver bedouin jewelry are a family heirloom held onto by a great customer who decided it was finally time to feature them on her wall. We stitched these lovely pieces onto a shimmery silk mat and paired a silver frame with a dotted fillet. Museum glass, of course, to maintain the detail and show off the shine.