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December 2016: Not all framers are created equal

December 2016: Not all framers are created equal


A customer brought in a project that had been framed incorrectly (not by us!). We were happy to take on this task and get it right for her.

The collar was not adequately attached when it was first framed, and had slipped from its fastenings. We swapped out the original mat with a sage green to complement the colors in the photo and the collar. Then we carefully stitched the collar in place, through mat board and coroplast, to make a strong but reversible attachment, so the collar will be undamaged if they ever want to remove it from the shadowbox.

November 2016: From grandmother's hands to a granddaughter's heart

November 2016


This month we helped a good customer choose just the right frame for this special generational gift. 

From grandmother's hands to a granddaughters heart, the framing of this quilt had to balance the traditional quilting work while still giving it a modern feel for a young woman's walls.

We stitched the quilt to a thick weave fabric, then shadowboxed the frame to add dimension.  This classic silver frame, a best seller in the shop due to its versatility, was selected to enhance, but not overpower, the many colorful squares of fabric.

October 2016: A Memorial Shadowbox for a Marine

October 2016: A Memorial Shadowbox for a Marine


This month we had the pleasure of creating a shadowbox for a marine’s daughter who brought us a box of her father’s military memorabilia. She asked us to help her display them to honor her father’s service.  

After some research to identify each ribbon and medal, we carefully arranged them within a green linen mat. Each item was then attached to the mat board, most with hand stitching.

We designed and ordered a classic gold plaque to commemorate the man and his medals, and finished the piece with an antiqued silver frame selected to highlight and enhance the black and white photos.

Our customer was so happy with the design and execution of this piece (and we are too)!


September 2016: Les Amants de Paris

September 2016: Les Amants de Paris


This month we were challenged to arrange a collection of postcards and sheet music to celebrate the meeting of two lovers in Paris some fifty years ago.

We scanned and printed the inside pages of the sheet music to use as a backdrop. We then carefully attached the mementos -- setting them with floating mats or double openings. An engraved metal plaque completes the framed piece.

What fun to create this shadowbox inspired by the City of Love!

August 2016: Birds, Batiks, and Books... all in one week!

August 2016: Birds, Batiks, and Books... all in one week!


Last week we had the most fantastically diverse framing projects!

We framed a sweet watercolor study of sparrows with one of our favorite new frames, a mushroom colored metallic frame.

A colorful batik got the full treatment after we carefully pin-stretched it over archival board. A champagne crepe shimmy frame highlights the gold detail... and of course it was finished off with museum glass for clarity.

And a handmade book transformed into art, framed up in a white lacquer shadowbox frame. We attached it in a clever fully-reversible way, in case someday it should want to be to an unframed folded book again.

July 2016: Omakase Butterfly

July 2016: Omakase Butterfly


This month's framing challenge was to frame this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly.

The first step was to open the wings. This required a visit to the relaxation chamber. After five days of r&r in the chamber, with damp paper towels and an anti-fungal, we were able to slowly open the wings.

The customer bravely and wisely requested our Omakase service and entrusted us with all of the design choices. We chose this textured frame and painted it black. The butterfly is perched on a blue mat and floating atop a grey background. We love it so much, it will be hard to let this one go...

June 2016: Pomegranate Paper Japanese Screen Art

June 2016: Pomegranate Paper Japanese Screen Art


We had a truly unique framing project this month.

This piece was constructed by a Japanese artist using pomegranate pulp paper and thin screening. Working with our customer, Lisa selected a mesh style frame that mirrored the pattern of the screen material and placed a copper-toned mat behind the screen for contrast. Due to the waviness of both materials, a process of flattening and careful attachment using wheat paste was performed.

The end result is both dramatic and intriguing!

May 2016: Grandma Anna's China

May 2016: Grandma Anna's China


This month we were challenged with a project that required us to showcase a lovely tea cup and saucer set. 

We wanted the cup to sit atop a stable blue base and for the plate to float behind. Lisa created a seamless blue velvet stand and hand wrapped the rest of the boards in the same blue suede. The plate and cup were attached carefully without glue (plate hanger and fishing line).

Now our customer has a beautiful and SAFE way of displaying some of the last remaining pieces from her Grandma Anna's china set.

April 2016: An Italian Seacape

April 2016: An Italian Seacape


We met a kindred spirit when Ian and his partner walked into the shop a few weeks back.

He enthusiastically confessed his love of framing to us. A few minutes of collaboration and we created this fantastic design for his AMAZING photo of an Italian seascape scene. We used a hand painted Bella Moulding frame, two mats, and a fillet that hints at the metal in the balcony.

Sometimes you can frame a photo with a white mat and black frame, and sometimes you can do this!

March 2016: Family Heirlooms

March 2016: Family Heirlooms


A brother and sister took inspiration from our Amherst Cinema ad and recently came in with this great project. 

We were happy to frame this antique fishing rod and many of the hand-tied flies that had been used by their father and grandfather. To create this keepsake we attached each item to a textured silk screen mat, hand stitching with thread or wire to securely hold the 100-year-old fishing rod and tools in place.

This great collection can now be displayed and preserved for the future.

February 2016: Hopi Pottery Collage

February 2016: Hopi Pottery Collage


This month we framed a collection of Hopi pottery fragments that were formerly framed but ready for an overhaul.

We carefully reattached each fragment to an archival board that we mounted to polypropelene (coroplast). Then a simple grey washed maple frame finished off the project!

January 2016: Navajo Beaded Belt

January 2016: Navajo Beaded Belt


This exquisite navajo beaded belt was brought in for framing after being conserved and then tucked away for many years. 

We hand-stitched it to unbleached muslin, then framed it using a solid simple cherry wood frame. The finished project is now an heirloom to be appreciated for many generations.