Hope and Feathers Framing is excited to host a flash show of Isabel Margolin’s previously shown work. These pieces are priced at reduced costs and will only be available for a brief time. Be sure to stop in and see the glimmering colorful display of fanciful mosaics before they are gone in a flash.

About Isabel Margolin:
In the spring of 2009, I began to make mosaics choosing to work in the indirect method, a technique that I have employed ever since. For the indirect method, I place my materials face-side-down on sticky paper, not knowing the final results of my design until I turn the piece over into a bed of cement. Through a certain controlled randomness, a willingness to cede one’s expectations to gravitational forces, and the power of sticky tape I apply the indirect technique to expand the boundaries of this art form. This is a process of chance, choice, and discovery.