Isaiah Gulino: Open Spaces

Isaiah Gulino: Open Spaces

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June 6th - 29th

Paintings by Brooklyn artist Isaiah Gulino, June 6th to 29th.

Isaiah Gulino works in oil paint and mixed media combining influences from past and present while reflecting multiple psychological meanings into a singular time and place. Within this body of distorted imagery, Gulino integrates his upbringing in the Northeastern United States with his travels to South America, establishing both personal and foreign connections to architecture, religion, and celebration. His work relays open-ended narratives through disrupted forms of reality, which place sentimental value on memories frozen in time.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7th, 6:30-8:30pm

About Isaiah Gulino:
Gulino is interested in perception and culture, and continues to seek unity in opposition through both representational and abstract painting simultaneously. This connection appears within the landscape-based subject as well: forming an active disruption of the synthetic world by natural forces. His work questions sustainability, as architecture and figures are fragmented and disintegrating on the surface of the picture. He grew up in the farming communities of upstate New York, studied painting in New Hampshire, and now lives and works in New York City. A cumulative range of stimuli continues to drive his work in diverse directions unique to his individual perception and human experience. 

Banner image: detail from Nuestra Senora La Luz (Our Lady of Light), oil and spray paint on panel

Nuestra Senora la Luz (Our Lady of Light)