September 3-29, 2014

Nan Salky’s most recent work presents a mixture of drawing and mixed media assemblage that takes us on a journey into a realm of dream and mystery. Images that embody a sense of quiet order, of flight and liberation, appear alongside those of darkness and disintegration. The rich sweetness of childhood is captured and then torn asunder, bringing us fully into the experience of the fragility of life. What lay hidden is exposed, and what was feared is brought to light and loses its grip.

Nan Salky was born in 1956 in Memphis TN, She received her BA in Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books from The University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Antioch New England. She has worked for thirty years as a psychotherapist and has reared two daughters. She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with her husband, Tom Murphy, her co-conspirator in artistic endeavors.