“Meet Me In The Forest” is a collection that highlights my love of nature and mixed media techniques. I believe that we can find magic in the most unexpected and seemingly ordinary places- especially in the natural world. I love to capture that awe and mystical feeling in my work and I hope it inspires any viewer that comes upon it. Every work here has a story behind it, as all my art holds narratives big or small within their colors and marks. 

Dani Schmidt is a queer, neurodivergent, freelance illustrator and painter from Holyoke, Massachusetts. They graduated from UNH Manchester in 2013 with a BA in European History and also The Institute of Art and Design at New England College in 2021 with a BFA in illustration. They use both analog and digital mediums to create narrative-heavy work with organic themes and varying styles. Dani considers themselves to be a multidisciplinary visual storyteller, seeking to forge human connection through their art. In their artwork, they focus on organic life and nature as a consistent theme that is explored. They devote much time to their personal projects such as illustrations for books, comics, and pattern making. Their goal is to use their art as a function of storytelling – one of the most time honored and important traditions of humanity.