November 4-28, 2014

In this new body of work Crigler to explores “Non-Ordinary Reality” through use of meditation and drumming. The images created for this exhibition are inspired by experiences and information received while in a meditative state. This is a continuation of crigler’s work exploring collective consciousness and the cosmic evolution that is unfolding in the multi-verse.

“My hope is not to only engage people with pretty paintings, but to create images that speak to them on a soul level. I create work for the inner light of all, making images that can work as portals to remind us of our true inner-connected nature.”

About the Artist

Michael Crigler is a wild-creative. When he is not out roaming the forests wildcrafting plants for medicine for his work as an herbalist, he is in his studio working as an artist, poet and designer. His work is heavily influenced by cosmic energy, healing, connection of all things and his Cherokee and early Powhatan roots which trace back to Chief Powhatan and his daughter Pocahontas.

His work has been exhibited in North America, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

He currently lives with his wife Lauren in Western Massachusetts.