Hope & Feathers Framing and Gallery is proud to host the works of Northampton artist Jan Ruby-Crystal from January 20 through February 27, 2016.

The exhibition of paintings and handmade paper considers themes of life and decomposition as viewed through close visual studies. As the artist notes:

“Vegetables and fruits have a life cycle. At first they are ripe and delectable, arranged to emote their sensual qualities and relationship with one another through size, color and form. As they age their contours are pushed and ripped to reveal inner seeds and juices. Sent through the extractor, they are whirled and chopped into a myriad of pieces and vibrant colors. Dumped onto a platter, their patterns merge into their own abstract designs. As they decompose they are mashed into pulp, emerging into usefulness once more as handmade paper. A new beauty arising from their end.”

An opening reception will be held on February 4 in conjunction with Amherst Art Walk from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and will include a demonstration by the artist. An artist reception will follow on Saturday, February 6, from 4:30pm to 7:00pm.

Above: Hooked. Jan Ruby-Crystal. Oil paint on gessoed handmade paper. 40 in. x 28 1/4 in.


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