August 7th to 27th, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: walk ins are welcome for the gallery, on your own or small groups of up to three people.


Paintings by Hadley artist Rodney Madison. Rodney’s dynamic and colorful paintings are in the gallery until August 27th. He’s a prolific painter and passionate about his work, and paints every day. Come see the work of this talented self-taught artist!

About Rodney Madison:
Rodney is a self-taught artist originally from Chicago, now based in Hadley. He began painting in his 50s and has become recognized as a powerful and prolific painter. Relying on his alchemy of art, he has become an artist with few boundaries and a wildly active imagination. He has opened new windows of creativity and continues to share his vision with the universe.

Banner images: Juice of Chitterlings and Roots, both 36×48: and acrylic on canvas,